Analisha’s Breast Augmentation!

I just want to thank Medi Makeovers and especially my consultant for giving me the chance to feel confident again! After breast feeding for 3 years I ended up with loose skin where my breasts used to be and a small A cup! I’m now a D cup and have never felt better! I feel like a women again! My experience in Bangkok was great!


The hospitals were amazing! Exceeded my expectations! I was well looked after and my surgery and recovery went incredibly smoothly with no complications. I stayed in hospital two nights and after that I was shopping up a storm everyday and enjoying the amazing Thai food! Will be going back soon using Medi Makeovers to get my teeth done. Thank you again Medi Makeovers!


Procedures: Breast Augmentation

Implant Type: 385cc Round High Profile Mentor Cohesive Gel Silicone

Implant Placement: Dual Plane (Half Under, Half Over The Muscle)

Travel: Solo

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