How To Take Arm Photos

Arm Procedures

4 PHOTOS ARE REQUIRED FOR ARM PROCEDURES Front Right Arm, Front Left Arm, Back Right Arm, Back Left Arm
  • DO Take photos on a clear, uncluttered background
  • DO Make sure your photos are crisp and clear, blurry photos will not be accepted
  • DO Try to have someone else take your photo if possible , self-taken photos can be distorted
  • DON'T ake group photos
  • DON'T Take photos in a darkly lit room or shadow your body
  • DON'T Distort your body, follow the pictured instructions below

*Photos must be minimum of 150k in size and a maximum of 2000k in size your photos like your all information is kept strictly confidential and will only be seen by your consultant and surgeon.


Left side

Right Side

Left side

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