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Do You Offer Fly Back Cover?

Medi Makeovers offers Fly Back Cover for extra peace of mind for your surgery or dental.

We strongly suggest if you choose to have any procedure, at home or abroad, you should always take out this type of cover. As risk is associated with all types of surgery or dental procedures, Revision Surgery or dental procedures may become necessary following your return home from Thailand. Our clinics and hospitals in Thailand each have policies in place if future revision surgery in Thailand becomes necessary. Where Revision Surgery or dental treatment is required and is as a direct result of the hospitalization and/or surgery or dental in Thailand, the hospital/clinic will offer a partial or full contribution towards the costs of revision surgery.

This will include replacement implants of the same size; surgeon, anesthetist and theatre fees and associated costs; and hospitalization as required. The amount of the contribution required, if any, by the patient, will be determined by the hospital and Surgical Review Board on a case-by-case basis.

If Revision Surgery is required and is a result of the patient’s hospitalization and/or surgery and /or dental, and the patient has not contributed to the outcome or situation through negligence or not following pre and post-surgery recommendations (such as smoking pre or post-surgery), then the patient may not be required to contribute towards the Revision Surgery costs at the hospital. Please note: Conditions Apply – post-surgery photos and reports must be supplied to Medi Makeovers for your surgeons and hospital review, as per the conditions of this product to be eligible.