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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure chosen by patients with overly large breasts to address...

Breast Lift

A breast lift, medically known as a mastopexy, is a plastic surgery procedure performed to...

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, sometimes referred to as a "breast aug" or "boob job" by patients, involves...

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Breast Augmentation

I just want to thank Medi Makeovers and especially my consultant for giving me the chance to feel confident again! After breast feeding for 3 years I ended up with loose skin where my breasts used to be and a small A cup! I’m now a D cup and have never felt better! I feel like a women again! My experience in Bangkok was great!

The hospitals were amazing! Exceeded my expectations! I was well looked after and my surgery and recovery went incredibly smoothly with no complications. I stayed in hospital two nights and after that I was shopping up a storm everyday and enjoying the amazing Thai food! Will be going back soon using Medi Makeovers to get my teeth done. Thank you again Medi Makeovers!

For the first time in a long time I can wear lingerie and feel sexy!!! Love my new boobs! Thank you so much MM! So Happy!


Breast Augmentation

I heard about Medi makeovers from a friend of mine who had a breast augmentation a few years ago. She has since had 5 other friends use the company so Medi makeovers couldn’t have come recommended higher. My consultant was so helpful from her first email, I emailed a couple of companies but her dedication to her job even meant replying to my emails on the weekend & late at night when I had a question. Most of the time I wouldn’t even need to ask as every email was very detailed. I was able to book my surgery quickly & there wasn’t a lengthy wait to have it which I loved & in the weeks leading up to the surgery & my departure date my consultant would send me helpful emails with additional information to assist in my planning & to know what to expect. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly, it meant that I didn’t have to worry about a thing & I never once had to chase her up.

From the moment I arrived in Bangkok I was looked after with a guide waiting for me the moment I stepped off the plane, to walk me through the airport through customs & to my driver who took me to my amazing 5 star hotel. The hotel was stunning & right in the heart of everything, the staff were lovely, always accomodating, polite, helpful & attentive. The rooms were awesome & at such a great price, I know that I would not want to stay anywhere else if I was to come back to Bangkok.The hospital & tria were stunning & nothing like I expected, I didn’t feel like I was in a foreign country at all. All of the nurses were so lovely & at your beck & call, they understand that you’re not in your comfort zone so do everything to make you feel comfortable.

I was so thankful that I had it done through Medi Makeovers & that I had my 2 days in hospital as I could not have imagined going home the same day which is what most Australian clinics do.

I would have had no idea what to do without the around the clock care which fast tracked me to recovery, I am very thankful for the care I received from the nurses and staff at the hospital and Medi Makeovers.

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Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Rhinoplasty

From the time I made my first enquiry through Medi Makeovers, I found them friendly, professional and efficient. My MM consultant phoned me within 20 minutes of my first email. From that point on, she answered all my questions, (I had a lot) and organised my trip, surgery date, flights etc. I loved that it was an Australian based company and nothing seemed too much trouble for them.

When I arrived in Thailand I was fairly nervous, I had breakfast with my MM Group Client Manager that morning and felt a lot more at ease by the time we headed to the hospital.

I met with Dr Rungkit who is a sweet and happy man, forgot all the questions I wanted to ask so I’m glad I had a Medi makeovers consultant with me prompting me to ask questions. We chose 350cc high profile implants, discussed the desired outcome of my rhinoplasty and tummy tuck. When I left I felt very comfortable with my surgeon and surgery choices.

After surgery the hospital staff were lovely, the nurses are really cute, very helpful and my 5 day stay was very comfortable.

I then stayed at Centrepoint Ratchadami hotel which was beautiful, such a gorgeous way to recover. As a group we had breakfast together every morning and made some great friends,had a lot of laughs and checked out each other’s new assets 😉 I shopped when I felt up to it. The inclusions in the escorted group were great, the pampering, shows and dinners were a lot of fun.

My pain levels were very minimal, I did get tired easily though and rested when I needed to. I feel that my recovery was assisted due to being away with no cooking, cleaning or kids to look after. Everything was easy and the hotel was impeccable. ( cleaner than my house lol)

I wouldn’t hesitate going to Thailand again through Medi Makeovers for surgery, my experience was above and beyond what I expected and my surgery results are fantastic. Dr Rungkit is an incredible surgeon who achieved what some AU surgeons told me was not possible. I am thrilled with my results and experience. I actually would not do surgery any other way now.

Thank you Medi Makeovers for all the work you have put in to creating a company that creates a safe place to access affordable surgery. I'm incredibly grateful!


Breast Augmentation

From word go Medi Makeovers were fantastic to deal with. I researched a couple of agencies to travel over with and Medi Makeovers seemed to be the nicest and were also super quick to get back to me with any questions.

I flew into Bangkok late the night before my surgery and somebody met me at my gate and led me through the airport. I was then met by the Medi Makeovers group manager at the hospital. The next morning I started my pre op checkups and all the hospital staff were so lovely!

During my consult I felt comfortable and any queries I had were answered. They were also great with making sure I made the right decision with what implants I chose.

After surgery I was taken care of really well and even after I checked out of the hospital and into the hotel I had a great experience. I went over on a group tour so the fact that we went out for dinner and to shows etc meant that I enjoyed my trip a lot more!

Overall I cannot recommend Medi Makeovers and the girls that run it enough! They are amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Breast Augmentation

I was referred by a friend who had a top notch experience and looked amazing, so obviously I wanted the same experience. It was fantastic from the beginning, we had to send photos at the start and the Doctor was able to tell me what would happen, what the procedure will entail, and what will happen later on. So I was given enough information to go ahead and the information was really thorough.

My surgeon was amazing and so nice, he explained everything so thoroughly. He was very professional and wouldn’t do anything that would be too dangerous for your body. He was just lovely, he made you feel very welcome and very safe in his hands which definitely calmed my nerves. The stay in the hospital was amazing, it’s all brand new, clean – the nurses were just lovely and always helpful. They spoke good English and I just felt really cared for.

My MM consultant was so helpful and lovely, she wrote back within a day for all my questions when I would email. She gave me all the information I needed, the accommodation was set up so quickly – everything was just so easy. It just made the experience so much easier to have the little things done for you and just to take the nerves out of the whole experience – she was fantastic. It was definitely great to have an Australian consultant to deal with before I left.

The Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever stayed in a nicer hotel – ever! It’s beautiful and all the staff are lovely. While we’ve been recovering we’ve used the entertainment room here, it’s like a mini-theatre and we watched a movie. There is an amazing pool area where you can just sit out and get some fresh air and it’s like you’re in a movie – it’s amazing out there! The rooms are amazing, everything is clean and new with massive views of Bangkok – next door to a shopping centre, which is so helpful! Terminal 21 has great shops, it’s not too busy in there which is great while you’re recovering. Lots of clothes, shoes, jewellery for boy and girls – it’s perfect. It also has lots of different kinds of food, you can get snacks to bring back to your room or you can go to different restaurants. It’s really nice and quiet – which was handy for recovering after my surgery.

My recovery – day 5 is such a difference to day 1 (which was not great!), but when you think about it it’s just a long jump and recovery is pretty quick really. Every day there would be an improvement. By day 2, I was starting to feel a bit better. Pretty much from day 3 onwards, I was fine, I could get up myself, move around, walk around and leave the hotel and be fine.

I would definitely recommend Medi Makeovers, I wouldn’t go any other way – it’s fantastic! We had such a great time in Thailand. Thank you so much for all your amazing help, I am so happy with how everything went.

I couldn’t have asked for a better result and better experience. Everything was just at the highest quality, including the help and information Medi Makeovers provided me with, the surgeon, nurses, hospital, surgery, accommodation etc. I have already had people asking me about my surgery because they are impressed with the final result and therefore I am giving them high recommendations to go down the same path that I did with Medi Makeovers. If I am to ever under go any other surgery in the future, I would without hesitation be going back through the Medi Makeovers Team. Thank you so much for providing such a top notch service and enabling my surgery to be that much more comfortable and rewarding 🙂 I could not be happier!! xx

I would definitely recommend Medi Makeovers, I wouldn't go any other way - It's fantastic! I couldn't have asked for a better result and better experience.

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