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Mummy Makeover Testimonials

A Mummy Makeover is a combination of plastic surgery procedures custom designed for each individual to help correct separated tummy muscles, excess skin, and breast concerns.

View our happy customers below!


  • Tummy Tuck
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Nipple Lift


  • Breast Augmentation
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Rhinoplasty

Our Mummy Makeover Client Reviews

With our reconstructive & cosmetic surgeons in Thailand you can have at least 3 procedures for the same price as just one in Australia

Had the most amazing experience through Medi Makeovers. I had breast aug and lift, tummy tuck and lipo on legs, it a big deal to me and I wanted to make sure I was going to be well looked after. I can say I was looked after from the moment I enquired to the moment I went home and I couldn’t recommend this enough to anyone wishing to have surgery done. The hospital and staff were out of this world and I was made to feel safe and comfortable at all times. xx Even back at the hotel I was comfortable had a ball in the breakfast club with the director Dani and the other girls having similar procedures. I made many friends and will never forget my experience. Thank you x

KatherineMummy Makeover with Liposuction
plastic and reconstructive surgery

The hospital and staff were out of this world and I was made to feel safe and comfortable at all times. – Katherine

Medi Makeovers deserve more than a 5 star rating from me.
I can not speak highly enough about the personal service Dani offers – Karen

Medi Makeovers deserve more than a 5 star rating from me.
I can not speak highly enough about the personnel service Dani offers. She was virtually by my side from the time l arrived in Bangkok, until 2 weeks later when l left the hotel to return home. Medi Makeovers offers Aussies like me, a great way to access surgical treatment overseas by a qualified professionals at affordable prices. Thanks Dani, l will definitely be talking about my experience with Medi Makeovers for a long time.

KarenMummy Makeover

Absolutely loved my experience with Medi Makeovers. – Erin

Absolutely loved my experience with Medi Makeovers.
From my consultant (who organised everything and is there to answer any questions or concerns I may of had), the hospital staff, my amazing hotel to back home and everything in between was amazing. I didn’t have to worry about a thing – everything was done for me and Bangkok was so beautiful. A big thankyou to Dr Teerapat I am absolutely thrilled with my results.
Would definitely recommend Med Makeovers.

ErinMummy Makeover

Absolutely amazing Australian company. The service provided is outstanding very responsive staff, who accompany you with your surgical procedures, to and from appointment, and can even show you where to shop in Bangkok.

I am only too pleased with my BA procedure, from the pre consultation of being able to meet my surgeon in Brisbane at a seminar prior to making any commitments – to post recovery communication over a year later. Once you’ve been a patient with Medi Makeovers, you’re a contact for life. Any issues that may arise at any point, or even what you may feel as a silly question – nothing is too hard or ignored with these guys.

LisaMummy Makeover

I saved more than 50% of the price I was quoted at home. I highly recommend Medi Makeovers and will come back for more!! – Lisa

I would do it all over again.. highly recommend to anybody!! – Sharyn

I can’t recommend Dani and Medi Makeovers enough, the service Dani provides her clients is the best in the market and I did my research and I was surprised by the value And care her company provide. Dr Teerapat was an exceptional surgeon I am delighted with my results. The healing process and recovery has been quick, no pain (yes discomfort) and minimal scarring because of Dr Teerapat’s fine work , the strict care protocols and the care at the hospital was equivalent to any 5 star hotel . I can confidently say you would not be disappointed if you choose to enjoy the services Dani and Medi Makeovers provides - don’t put it off - do it now. The inside/outside makeover trips with David Laws as the host are an added bonus in friendships, guidance and well-being in all respects. Life is short so be the best version of your self you can be.

SharynMummy Makeover and Face lift

After having 5 beautiful babies, my body was not in the shape I wanted. I worked out in the gym for over a year but was not able to get rid of the excess skin or improve the shape of my breasts. I looked for a surgeon for well over a year and approached many companies, but I just kept coming back to Medi Makeovers as they really just made me feel so comfortable and were very happy to answer all my questions. Also, I was able to do a zoom call with Dr. Teerapat before actually making a decision to book with him, and it was free! I was finally comfortable with booking, and the process was so smooth. At no stage did I feel uncomfortable and the team at Medi Makeovers arranged everything, and at no stage did I feel worried. Dr. Teerapat is a caring and lovely person and an excellent surgeon, and my stay in Bangkok at the Grand Centre Point Terminal 21 was absolutely perfect for post-surgery recovery. It was luxurious and comfortable and attached to Terminal 21 shopping center, so this was so handy post-surgery.

SusanMummy Makeover (with Extended Tummy Tuck)
face surgery

I highly recommend Dr. Teerapat and Medi Makeovers – I made the right choice, and I am so happy with my results. – Susan

I was very hesitant to go overseas for surgery - all my family and friends said I was stupid, so I secretly made enquiries and booked and then told everyone. I am so glad I chose Medi Makeovers as they were so professional and my time in Bangkok was amazing. DR Teerapat was extremely thorough and explained everything and spoke english extremely well. My scars are amazing only 3 weeks post surgery. I am still a little swollen but I am very happy. I followed all the docs rules and rested well but managed to do some amazing shopping but not overdoing things. I travelled alone and stayed at the Grande Centre point Terminal 21 and this hotel is so stunning and extremely value for money. So now everyone is saying that they will go and i was the guinea pig!!! I saved more than 50% of the price I was quoted at home. I highly recommend Medi Makeovers and will come back for more!! I want to bring my husband back for dental.

OliviaMummy Makeover

I saved more than 50% of the price I was quoted at home. I highly recommend Medi Makeovers and will come back for more!! I want to bring my husband back for dental. – Olivia

I cannot recommend this company highly enough and will be sending anyone I know who is considering undergoing a procedure their way. – Mere

From the first email enquiry I sent through to my return home, I’ve had a phenomenal experience with Medi Makeovers. I am beyond thrilled with my results from surgery with Dr Teerapat and am so glad I followed my gut after much research and booked my tummy tuck plus revision breast lift and augmentation with this company.

Dani is such an incredible woman who not only took care of my journey in person from arrival to departure (and everything in between) she answered all questions, reassured me, played tour guide and caring big Sister.

MereMummy Makeover
plastic and reconstructive surgery
plastic and reconstructive surgery

From the time I made my first enquiry through Medi Makeovers, I found them friendly, professional and efficient. My MM consultant phoned me within 20 minutes of my first email. From that point on, she answered all my questions, (I had a lot) and organised my trip, surgery date, flights etc. I loved that it was an Australian based company and nothing seemed too much trouble for them.

When I arrived in Thailand I was fairly nervous, I had breakfast with my MM Group Client Manager that morning and felt a lot more at ease by the time we headed to the hospital.
I met with Dr Rungkit who is a sweet and happy man, forgot all the questions I wanted to ask so I’m glad I had a Medi makeovers consultant with me prompting me to ask questions. We chose 350cc high profile implants, discussed the desired outcome of my rhinoplasty and tummy tuck. When I left I felt very comfortable with my surgeon and surgery choices.
After surgery the hospital staff were lovely, the nurses are really cute, very helpful and my 5 day stay was very comfortable.
I then stayed at Centrepoint Ratchadami hotel which was beautiful, such a gorgeous way to recover. As a group we had breakfast together every morning and made some great friends,had a lot of laughs and checked out each other’s new assets 😉 I shopped when I felt up to it. The inclusions in the escorted group were great, the pampering, shows and dinners were a lot of fun.
My pain levels were very minimal, I did get tired easily though and rested when I needed to. I feel that my recovery was assisted due to being away with no cooking, cleaning or kids to look after. Everything was easy and the hotel was impeccable. (cleaner than my house lol)
I wouldn’t hesitate going to Thailand again through Medi Makeovers for surgery, my experience was above and beyond what I expected and my surgery results are fantastic. Dr Rungkit is an incredible surgeon who achieved what some AU surgeons told me was not possible. I am thrilled with my results and experience. I actually would not do surgery any other way now.

CindyMummy Makeover & Rhinoplasty

I would just like to thank Medi Makeovers for the incredible service and experience I had recently as a client. Thank you again Medi Makeovers for all you have done to increase my confidence and make me feel good about my body. – Cindy