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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Ready For Surgery?

You need to ask yourself the hard questions because you are ultimately accountable to yourself. If you’ve had multiple procedures, ask yourself if you have an addiction problem. Are you trying to fix some psychological problem with a physical solution? You want to fix the psychological problem if it exists, and then if you want to have the surgery, do it for the right reasons and be prepared to live with the result. Plastic surgery is not what is going to make your mark in this world. Being a good parent or friend, for example, is how you leave a legacy and impact the world. Ask yourself if you really have a problem. If you’re healthy and have good genes, do you really have a problem that needs to be fixed with a surgical solution? What messages are you giving yourself that makes you think you need surgery? Are you negating your positive qualities (honesty, loyalty, intelligence, humor, etc.) and hoping that plastic surgery can give you what you feel you lack? How do you expect to feel about yourself if you go ahead and get the procedure? Are you looking for a different body, or are you really hoping to attain self-esteem?

Can you use your Superannuation for Surgery?

Are you considering surgery but do not have savings or access to medical financing? Or perhaps you have heard of other patients gaining access to their super to pay for surgery?
In this article we hope to explain the current rules governing superannuation and surgery and dental.
(You can read more here:

I’m Worried about Flying Post-Surgery!

MEDICAL TRAVEL INSURANCE: We also suggest you take out medical travel insurance with Medical Travel Shield Australia at an additional cost. Please click on the link for further information:
Or Global Protective Solutions – click and complete the form:

Is it Better to get Surgery in Thailand or Back Home?

This is entirely your decision, but Bangkok, Thailand, offers a much more affordable option due to the lower cost of living in the country. But the standards of surgery and hospitals in Thailand are one of the best on Earth. We have had over 10,000 satisfied clients to prove it. Our surgeons are all highly trained Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons with decades of experience, trained both in Thailand and overseas. Your recovery post-surgery in Bangkok starts immediately. Our nurses visit you regularly in the hotel for your check-ups, and you will be able to fully recover and rest as YOU are all you need to worry about – you can enjoy breakfast every morning in the executive lounge. Your room is freshly made up daily, and our hotel is attached to the beautiful Terminal 21 shopping center, so you only need to open the door in the foyer, and you are straight into 8 levels of shopping, cafes, restaurants, shops, and cinema. So all you need to do is rest and recover in style – so we feel your recovery will be quicker without the hectic obligations of your life back home.

What Is Covered In A Typical Medi Makeovers Package?

Most packages include a hospital stay in a single, private room + Surgery + Bandages, dressings, and prescribed medications + Nurse Visits directly to your hotel for post-surgery wound dressings and check-ups + It also includes Pre and post-operative consultations with your surgeon + Post-surgery consultations, and check-up with your surgeon via photos and or Zoom calls for 12 months + All Transfers included (airport, hotel, hospital)

What is The Difference between a ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’ and ‘Plastic Surgeon’?

Medi Makeovers ONLY offers Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, and although there are many advertised surgeries in Australia from Cosmetic Clinics that claim to be the same as what you’ll get overseas without having to travel abroad – it is definitely NOT the same service. Plastic surgeons undertake a minimum of seven years of additional training once they have obtained their medical degree and most likely become members of their country’s Plastic Surgeons’ Association (board), which provides specific guidelines that practitioners must follow. Plastic surgeons are also usually members of specific associations in which they are trained (e.g. facial surgery, breast reconstruction, etc.), which awards them the status of a specialist. ALL Medi Makeovers surgeons are Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons. In Australia, to qualify as a fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS) – note that NOT all ‘cosmetic’ surgeons are, members must be at least five years postgraduate and have worked for a minimum of three years in a surgical environment. The college then provides two years of specialist training, and members are audited annually.

What Does A Typical Procedure Price Include?

Price Typically Includes:
  • Hospital stay in a single, private room
  • Surgery + Plastic + Reconstructive Surgeon + Anaesthetist + Nursing fees + Private hospital fees
  • It also includes Bandages, dressings, and prescribed medications for 7 days, + Nurse Visits directly to your hotel for post-surgery wound dressings and check-ups
  • It also includes Pre and post-operative consultations with your surgeon + Post-surgery consultations, and check-up with your surgeon via photos and or Zoom calls for 12 months


What Happens When I Arrive in Bangkok?

Once you arrive in Thailand, grab your bags, and you will be greeted by one of our coordinators who will take you to your driver. You will always arrive the day before your procedure, so you will go to your hotel – where you can relax and enjoy your luxurious surroundings! You will be picked up from your hotel the next day and head to the hospital to meet your surgeon. You will have your consultation with your surgeon.

What If I Have Pre-Existing Health Issues?

If you have pre-existing health conditions, your surgeon will normally ask for you to arrive a day before your surgery date to have further testing done and set up your surgery accordingly to ensure your safety. We also ask for a range of tests (based on your medical form) that you will need to send to us prior to your surgery date, and your surgeon will confirm these for you. It is important for these tests to be done before you arrive in Bangkok, so if there are any concerns, you will be given information and directions to ensure you will be ready for surgery when you arrive.

What Happens Next?

Once you have met with your surgeon and are happy to proceed, you will be taken to be prepared for your surgery. After your surgery, you will spend the required number of nights in your private ward room in our hospital under 24 care. When your surgeon has given you the all-clear, you can then go back to your luxury hotel and relax! You will be given medications and aftercare instructions, as well as follow-up appointment times (where your nurse visits you in your hotel for checkups). If you wish to come back to the hospital at any other time, you may do so.

Do You Have Payment Plans?

Yes we have partnered with Australia’s leading financial service to offer our clients finance for all aspects of their medical holiday. TLC payment plans have the flexibility for you to pay off as quickly as you want provided that you meet your minimum payment each week.

You can learn more here:

What Does Your Payment Plans Cover?

Our TLC payment plan covers any medical fees and related costs like flights or
accommodation – the entire process is arranged by their team. There aren’t any upfront or hidden fees – the minimum weekly payment based on your borrowed amount) covers everything.

You can learn more here: