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Are You Ready For Surgery?

You need to ask yourself the hard questions because you are ultimately accountable to yourself. If you’ve had multiple procedures, ask yourself if you have an addiction problem. Are you trying to fix some psychological problem with a physical solution? You want to fix the psychological problem if it exists, and then if you want to have the surgery, do it for the right reasons and be prepared to live with the result. Plastic surgery is not what is going to make your mark in this world. Being a good parent or friend, for example, is how you leave a legacy and impact the world. Ask yourself if you really have a problem. If you’re healthy and have good genes, do you really have a problem that needs to be fixed with a surgical solution? What messages are you giving yourself that makes you think you need surgery? Are you negating your positive qualities (honesty, loyalty, intelligence, humor, etc.) and hoping that plastic surgery can give you what you feel you lack? How do you expect to feel about yourself if you go ahead and get the procedure? Are you looking for a different body, or are you really hoping to attain self-esteem?