Is it Better to get Surgery in Thailand or Back Home?

This is entirely your decision, but Bangkok, Thailand, offers a much more affordable option due to the lower cost of living in the country. But the standards of surgery and hospitals in Thailand are one of the best on Earth. We have had over 10,000 satisfied clients to prove it. Our surgeons are all highly trained Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons with decades of experience, trained both in Thailand and overseas. Your recovery post-surgery in Bangkok starts immediately. Our nurses visit you regularly in the hotel for your check-ups, and you will be able to fully recover and rest as YOU are all you need to worry about – you can enjoy breakfast every morning in the executive lounge. Your room is freshly made up daily, and our hotel is attached to the beautiful Terminal 21 shopping center, so you only need to open the door in the foyer, and you are straight into 8 levels of shopping, cafes, restaurants, shops, and cinema. So all you need to do is rest and recover in style – so we feel your recovery will be quicker without the hectic obligations of your life back home.

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