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What an amazing experience! from my initial enquiry to now two weeks post surgery it has been nothing but a joyful experience. I had a Rhinoplasty with Dr Teerapat . He was great, he was very informative and before the surgery we talked about exactly what I wanted, and what would happen during the surgery and post surgery. I had my own private room with a nurse who looked after everything I needed. While recovering at the hotel I was checked up on daily also with the nurse visiting me at the hotel to check recovery and check my stitches. Dr Teerapat has given me exactly what I wanted and I am very happy with how the surgery went. I was never in pain and any questions I had they were answered straight away! Two weeks post surgery and am doing great!

Medi Makeovers, Dani and Dr Teerapat were both amazing and the care treatment before and after has been 10/10.


Rhinoplasty + Breast Augmentation

The procedures I had were Nasal surgery- Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation with Dr Somsak. The surgeon and staff at the hospital were very thorough. They ensured that post surgery my recovery was going smoothly at all times. The level of care and attention is to be commended. I was surprised that recovery was quicker than I expected. 3 days after surgery I was able to go out and sight see while on medication.
The consultation was as I had hoped. Once the surgeon saw me he was able to evaluate what procedures were appropriate and we were able to make changes with the style of implant. I was hoping for larger breasts as mine deflated from exercising. Having my nose straightened was something I decided to have done as I was concerned that it would affect my breathing and bring on side effects. The results will be very good once the swelling disappears. My experience with Medi Makeovers has been very positive and didn’t consider anyone else for these procedures.
Before arrival to Thailand I spent many months getting physically fit with my partner. It was important that I felt my best prior to surgery and followed all of the health guidelines to ensure that there were no complications.
I will never forget the places that we have seen and experiences that we have had during our time in Thailand. This was definitely a very positive and life changing experience for me. As I have a very caring, understanding and supportive partner, I never once felt inadequate walking around in the condition I was in post-surgery when out sightseeing. With each day my recovery was improving, so each day felt like a new adventure. To be able to incorporate a holiday with surgery seemed the best way as I was still able to enjoy new experiences even though physically I was limited post-surgery.
This was my first trip to Thailand and I would happily return for another holiday in the future.

This was definitely a very positive and life changing experience for me.

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Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty

I made the decision to go to Thailand for a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty when two of my close friends came back incredibly happy with their surgery. In 2013 contacted a few medical tourism companies as well as one of Bangkok’s hospitals direct. I finally made the decision to book through Medi Makeovers as Kim replied to my emails quickly and provided me with all the information I needed.
I received a full quote from the Doctor in Bangkok within a couple of days. Kim also followed up with me numerous times over the course of about 8 months to see if I was ready to go ahead with the surgery, and I appreciated that. In June 2014 I paid my deposit for the August escorted group tour, as I was travelling alone and wanted to meet other people going through the same experience.
From start to finsih my time in Bangkok was incredible. I was collected from the airport in a private van and escorted to a serviced apartment at Bangpakok 9 International Hospital. The facilities were very modern and I had a beautiful view of the city from my 9th floor. The hospital was pristine and I felt like I was home in Australia. My private ward had an ensuite bathroom, television, fridge, couch, and desk. I had never stayed in hospital before, or even had surgery, but I felt completely confident after meeting my doctor, Dr Chatpong, and witnessing his knowledge and professionalism.
All of the hospital staff were incredibly kind and made me feel very welcome. After the surgery I was in a lot of discomfort, but I had nurses checking on me regularly, and they attended to me quickly whenever I called. There was a Starbucks in the lobby and the staff brought me coffee and pastries when I asked. I loved being in hospital for the three nights, as myself and two of the other girls spent time together and bonded while we recovered from surgery. I’m glad I had 24 hour access to nurses while I was there as it was very difficult to sleep, eat, get up, and move around in the first few days following the breast augmentation.
I then checked into the Grand Centre Point Ratchadamri with the escorted tour, which was by far the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. The hotel room had 41st floor views of the city, and boasted the facilities of a serviced apartment with 24 hour room service. Each morning we enjoyed an included breakfast and our tour guides took us out to see Bangkok.
I visited a number of amazing shopping centres which were just like the Westfield malls in Australia. We also had some included group dinners at great places around Bangkok. There were numerous massage parlours near the hotel so I booked in for a foot or neck massage almost daily for around $10 each time. I will definitely be heading back to Bangkok through Medi Makeovers next time I want dental work done. In 30 years they may have me back for a bit of botox and a face lift.
I was incredibly impressed with the service, knowledge, and carefully chosen hospitals, surgeons, and hotel. Dr Chatpong did an amazing job and I have received nothing but compliments since I’ve returned to Australia. Five weeks on, I’m healing nicely with no complications and my breasts and nose are looking and feeling more natural as swelling resides. My bust has gone from a 12A to a 10DD. People have even noticed that my confidence and happiness levels are through the roof. I have decided to train for a fitness modelling competition, because I finally love what I see in the mirror!
I would and have recommend Medi Makeovers to anyone wanting a 5 star medical experience overseas, with a wonderful holiday at the same time. Make the decision to invest in this for yourself, you won’t regret it!!

I have decided to train for a fitness modelling competition, because I finally love what I see in the mirror!

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