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FUN FACT: Did you know that Medi Makeovers were the first Medical Travel Agency to organise Escorted Group Travel for their clients?


Medi Makeovers organises all aspects of medical holidays for all our clients, and if you are someone who is prone to being a little forgetful or (dare we say) lazy, group travel is a great option for you!

  • Your Medi Makeovers Group Travel Manager will help you throughout your trip, keeping you on top of all your consultations, follow up appointments and more.
  • Daily activities are planned every morning with the group at breakfast – so you can decide on the day whether or not you would like to participate.
  • Your MM Group Travel Manager will be with you during your consultations and follow up appointments – just in case you forget to ask any important questions.


Your Group Manager will help you with so many things such as…

  • Keeping track of all your appointments and accompanying you on them.
  • Making sure you fully understand and are happy with your procedures and the risks before you go ahead.
  • Visiting you in hospital and making sure you are taking full advantage of the extra help from the nurses whilst you are there.
  • Once you return to the hotel, your Group Manager will organise daily activities – which you can choose if you’d like to join or have a day to yourself.
  • PLUS – your Group Manager has not only looked after hundreds of Medi Makeovers clients before you, but has also experienced first-hand what it is like to have surgery and dental with Medi Makeovers!


“It was a truly unique experience to share with strangers but one we will never forget. It was comforting to have others having the same procedures done around me”, says Tracie, who had a Breast Lift & Augmentation. “We left Thailand all friends and we still keep in touch.” Read more about her experience here: Tracie’s Experience.The groups are strictly limited to travellers that are having surgery or dental procedures. So you are travelling with people who know exactly what you are going through! Hundreds of lifelong friendships have evolved from Escorted Groups too! There’s no better way to bond with someone than over a life-changing experience!


You’ll stay in one of Bangkok’s best 5 star hotels – the Grande Centre Point Ratchadamri! You’ll have insider access to some of the best places to eat, shop and experience in Bangkok! Your Group Manager will take you to some of the best places in Bangkok – and if you’re a little shy, will even help you barter when shopping! Your expert Group Manager will guide you through Bangkok with ease – and by the end of your trip, we’re sure you’ll be fitting in with the locals! You’ll also get to experience the best pampering in town – and you can have daily massages for just $10 each.


There will be no temptation to be drinking or smoking as you will be surrounded by those going through the same procedures as you. Although we all know the harmful effects smoking and drinking can have on our bodies – when it comes to surgery, those affects increase tenfold.

Discover more here: Smoking And Surgery PLUS Recovery 101.


Although our experts only choose the safest hotels, locations, hospitals and medical professionals – we understand that the unknown can still be quite scary, especially if this is your first trip overseas. So travelling in a group of people can be incredibly comforting, even if you don’t join in on all the group activities – you will still feel a sense of security knowing that your Group Travel Manager is only one call away.


Your Group Travel Manager can coordinate all aspects of your trip whilst you are in Bangkok for you – such as additional appointments (i.e. dental), introducing you to the different transport options (Taxi’s, the BTS Skytrain etc.), showing you the beauty in Bangkok – shopping, spa days and more! Not having to think about your daily activities allows you to further recover and focus on resting – as the first days usually will be the hardest.

By travelling with an Escorted Group – you can also avoid feeling ‘guilty’ about a travel buddy (someone travelling with you but not having surgery) not being able to enjoy their holiday to it’s fullest as some days you won’t feel up to even leaving your hotel – let alone visiting a hot temple! You can always come back with that person – and enjoy a more active holiday with your new body once you’ve recovered!

On the group you will also stay in your own hotel room – not sharing (unless you have decided to travel with a friend who is also having surgery).


For many of our Group Travel clients, it’s the first time they’ve been away from their children, their partners, their friends and family, their work – and truly had time for themselves. Some clients can find it initially quite difficult to relax and let other people do things for you (such as the nurses), though it does become easier. You’ll also meet all kinds of different people and can learn more about yourself from other people’s views on the world and their experiences! Most clients tell us that they are not only more confident from their new body, but also from the confidence of being able to do the trip on their own (no family or friends) and discovering who they are as a person. A lot of clients who have children also say their partners are definitely much more appreciative of them when they return home!


Your expert Group Manager will show you around Bangkok – including catching the transport, haggling with stall owners and eating like a local! They will give you the tools to be able to head out on your own (if you feel comfortable) to have a massage, watch a movie or go shopping. Your Group Manager will also give you extra tips on what to bring and do whilst you are in hospital (from food to massages in your room..) as well as when you are back at the hotel. They’ll let you know what to do and more importantly – what not to do (i.e. overpaying for taxi’s or shopping). You’ll visit local restaurants and be able to find anything you’re after – from food to clothing to beauty treatments!


There isn’t quite an experience like this – where initial strangers group together and undergo such a life changing transformation! It truly does bond you with others in a way a simple holiday cannot. The clients on our past groups have kept in touch – with some even organising catch-ups on both small (dinner) and larger (heading back to Thailand for a holiday) scales!

There are so many reasons to join a MM escorted group, but the best reason is that if you book your surgery or dental before January 31, 2016 – you’ll receive ANY 2016 Escorted Group Travel for FREE! Click here to find out more!

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