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Is your surgeon qualified to carry out the procedures you want?

This year, it has become public that there have been many issues regarding the ‘cheaper’ procedures offered in Australia to try to ‘compete’ with Australians going abroad for surgery. However, it is important to note that the procedures being offered by these companies in Australia are not the same as what is offered by reputable Medical Travel Agencies. The same issue is happening in The States – “The problem is, doctors are doing large procedures on local ‘sedation’ to circumvent the need for accreditation,” said Dr. Lawrence S. Reed (the president of the American Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities.


The main difference between a ‘Cosmetic‘ Surgeon and a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon is the years of training that a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon has done to be able to perform cosmetic or ‘Plastic’ surgery. ‘Cosmetic‘ Surgeons are NOT medically trained to be able to perform these same procedures, however they learn to do these procedures at 2-day workshops such as the one offered by ‘Cosmetic‘ Dr. Anil K. Gandhi in the U.S. for USD$7,000. Dr Gandhi has taught hundreds of his students – who typically did their residencies in OBG/YN or family medicine (GP) – to perform cosmetic surgeries under a local anaestheic or twilight sedation.

This shortcut to practising cosmetic surgery has enraged surgeons all over the world – and so it should. Board Certified Plastic Surgeons spend  5-8 years AFTER medical school learing these procedures and being tested on their knowledge in extensive exams. In Australia, there is currently no way that the medical system can ‘police’ these ‘Cosmetic’ cowboys and as a result, they are performing thousands of procedures on clients, many of whom are not given the full details of their surgeon’s qualifications and abilities.


At Medi Makeovers, we ONLY offer our clients surgery in internationally accredited hospitals. This ensures that whilst you are having surgery, you have the right professionals around you to monitor your surgery and recovery. When you have your surgery, you will also undergo some pre-operative tests that will give your surgeon and anaesthetist the correct information about your body – and they will be able to manage your surgery accordingly. These tests are all done in the hospital and you’ll receive your results will arrive to your surgeon shortly after you are tested.


All major surgical procedures booked through Medi Makeovers are performed under a General Anaesthesia – NOT a twilight sedation or local anaesthetic. You will have a specialist board-certified Anaesthetist looking after you whilst your surgeon is performing your surgery. You will be breathing through an Anaesthetic Ventilator with all your vital signs being closely monitored.

In Australia, ‘Cosmetic’ Surgeons cannot legally perform surgery under a general anaesthetic, so push patients to believe that a local anaesthetic is a safer option. However, this is not generally the case – as seen in recent months with patients being given an overdose of local anaesthetic to ‘keep them under’ leading to major complications – such as those uncovered by 60 Minutes (read the article here).


As Australia’s longest running and most trusted medical travel agency, we have always emphasised the importance of having a well trained and well experienced Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. This is why we have ONLY ever offered our clients Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons. Our surgeons are carefully selected by our expert team and we work with an exclusive group of Board Certified Surgeons to ensure the quality of your surgery and outcome. All our surgeons have a minimum of 6-8 years post-graduate surgical training, and have each performed thousands of procedures. Each of our surgeons take great pride in their work and will explain the procedure and your options with you when you arrive in Thailand. All our surgeons speak English and as we are the ONLY Medical Travel Agency to work DIRECTLY with our surgeons (not via a hospital coordinator or third party), you can ensure that all questions you have pre and post op will be answered quickly and confidentially.



Since our birth in 2006, our main focus has always been client safety. Your priority should ALWAYS be your procedure – not your holiday. Our dedicated team of Australia’s most experienced Medical Travel professionals ensure we are able to offer competitive prices, without compromising the quality of your procedure or care. We only offer:

  • Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons
  • Fully Internationally Accredited Hospitals
  • Surgery performed under General Anaesthesia, with multiple procedures being given extra aftercare in an ICU or CCU unit.
  • ONLY the highest quality breast implants (Mentor, Allergan and Silimed)
  • Luxury hotels in the safest areas (especially great for lone travellers) with the most helpful staff


If you have any questions about your surgery, we’re happy to help.

ENQUIRE TODAY, email or call 0416109417

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