After Breast Augmentation

Every client recovers differently, but be sure you know what to expect after your surgery.

A breast augmentation is a very common procedure, however, not every one knows going into surgery, that your breasts can look a little odd when you awaken. It is important to know that everybody swells and recovers differently. This means that for some, their bodies will snap back faster than others. During your surgery, your surgeon will place your implants in their perfect position, and they will check that everything looks great before completing your surgery. Once your surgery is completed, your body will begin to react to your new breasts. This reaction will leave you feeling tight and swollen, and can make your breasts look quite odd. Don’t stress! The swelling DOES go down and you will no longer have ‘frankenboob’. 

The rate of your recovery is dependent entirely on you and your body. Your breasts can swell differently, there can be more swelling on the top or on the bottom or even swelling in your cleavage. For some, it can take one week for your breasts to start to ‘fluff’, and other it can take months. It is important to be prepared and have realistic expectations of your surgery and recovery. This is why we thought we show you some of our successful breast augmentations just 7 days post surgery – so you can see the difference in recovery rates, swelling and the infamous ‘frakenboob’. 


It is incredibly important to wear your compression bra after surgery.

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