Plastic Surgery after Massive Weight Loss

Over the past 50 years, we have seen obesity become a significant community health issue affecting an increasing number of patients. At Medi Makeovers, we have seen many motivated people struggle to lose massive amounts of body weight and excess fat to address their obesity and associated health issues. Many patients have managed this without… Continue reading Plastic Surgery after Massive Weight Loss

10 Things You Wish You Knew Before Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Ebony’s Breast Augmentation!

From word go Medi Makeovers were fantastic to deal with. I researched a couple of agencies to travel over with and Medi Makeovers seemed to be the nicest and were also super quick to get back to me with any questions.    I flew into Bangkok late the night before my surgery and somebody met… Continue reading Ebony’s Breast Augmentation!

Cindy’s Mummy Makeover!

From the time I made my first enquiry through Medi Makeovers, I found them friendly, professional and efficient. My MM consultant phoned me within 20 minutes of my first email. From that point on, she answered all my questions, (I had a lot) and organised my trip, surgery date, flights etc. I loved that it… Continue reading Cindy’s Mummy Makeover!

Charlotte’s Bangkok Breast Augmentation

I heard about Medi makeovers from a friend of mine who had a breast augmentation a few years ago. She has since had 5 other friends use the company so Medi makeovers couldn’t have come recommended higher. My consultant was so helpful from her first email, I emailed a couple of companies but her dedication… Continue reading Charlotte’s Bangkok Breast Augmentation

Analisha’s Breast Augmentation!

I just want to thank Medi Makeovers and especially my consultant for giving me the chance to feel confident again! After breast feeding for 3 years I ended up with loose skin where my breasts used to be and a small A cup! I’m now a D cup and have never felt better! I feel… Continue reading Analisha’s Breast Augmentation!

Chloe Wess’s Breast Augmentation

I was referred by a friend who had a top notch experience and looked amazing, so obviously I wanted the same experience. It was fantastic from the beginning, we had to send photos at the start and the Doctor was able to tell me what would happen, what the procedure will entail, and what will… Continue reading Chloe Wess’s Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation for Correcting Asymmetry

Consequences For No Consent?

A leaked report has revealed scary new details about surgery in Australia with Cosmetic Surgeons. The ABC has uncovered leaked information from a report conducted by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC). The ABC has revealed that women undergoing breast implant procedures at The Cosmetic Institute (TCI) were given dangerously high doses of drugs… Continue reading Consequences For No Consent?

Veneers VS Crowns: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to dental, it can get a little confusing. One of the biggest confusing amongst clients is the actual difference between crowns and veneers as they can look very similiar from the outside. So we’ve decided to let you know exactly what the difference is, and why your dentist may prefer you have… Continue reading Veneers VS Crowns: What’s The Difference?

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