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Medi Makeovers Surgery in Thailand vs. Surgery In Australia

After losing weight, our bodies don’t always return to their original shape. Many factors, such as age, skin elasticity, and speedy weight loss, can account for this. Many of our clients have come to us after visiting surgeons in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada for consultations and realizing that surgery at home isn’t an option financially for them. Most clients were amazed at how much their procedure would cost (surgeon fees, hospital costs, anesthetist, etc.). Many clients needed multiple procedures, meaning that if they were to have surgery at home, they would have to choose only one or two procedures and be at a tremendous financial burden. Clients who had had weight loss surgery (such as Gastric Banding or Gastric Sleeve surgery), which Private Health Insurance in Australia now covers, were amazed to learn that excess skin removal surgery after their weight loss was not covered in any way by their health fund as it is seen as elective and cosmetic. However, excess skin can cause many health concerns – not just affecting your mental health. We’ve done extensive research and asked our clients to find out how much it could cost you to have each procedure in Australia and compare it to how much you’ll pay with Medi Makeovers. 

 How Much Does It Cost? 

Prices include standard surgery costs, surgeon fees, general anesthetic, anesthetist fees, private hospital fees, hospital stays, and more.

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Both prices are Australian Dollars and include standard surgery, surgeon fees, anesthetist fees, and private hospital fees.

Contact us for a full breakdown of costs. There is NO UPFRONT PAYMENT for any surgical or dental procedure with Medi Makeovers.

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