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1. No two boobs are the same

Think of your breasts as sisters and not twins. Nipples, areola and even cup size will have variations which can become more obvious after your surgery. Take a proper look beforehand and get your surgeon to show you if you can’t tell. Your surgeon may even suggest two different sized implants for you – which is common.


2. You will most likely need another surgery at some point

For most women, revision surgery is not an if but a when. Some women get 20 years or more out of their implants, others only 5. Even though implants now are more developed and can last a lifetime – factors such as gravity cannot always be avoided. As women age, whether they have implants or not, will generally mean that their breasts will sag – so most commonly women will have a breast lift and replace their old implants with same-sized implants or smaller ones.


3. Frankenboob exists

After surgery your breasts will be high and square, particularly if you are under the muscle or dual plane. They call this frankenboob. You won’t really know your final size and look until about 6-12 months post op. This is why it is important to wear your compression bra and do your daily massages (your surgeon will show you this). Don’t buy a bra or get fitted for at least 6 months post op – as you will most likely still be swollen.


4. Real breasts look bigger than their augmented counter parts of the same size

A natural DD will usually look much bigger than an augmented DD. That is because implants tend to be wider and less squishier than breast tissue, requiring a bigger cup size to accommodate them better.


5. Boobie blues is a real thing

The anaesthetic and pain medication can affect your mood. You may suffer from a range of emotions after your surgery from loving them to hating them. Either way, give it time for your emotions to settle. This is also why it is a good idea to stay away from alcohol – even after the 3 weeks post op your surgeon will advise you of.

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6. Your boobs might make weird noises post op

The swelling and fluid can make slushing or gurgling noise from your breasts. Its completely normal and nothing to worry about.


7. Cold implants

It is not uncommon for breast implants to feel cold inside the body, especially in thin girls with a larger implant.


8. You will gain a few kgs in bloating

Don’t stress, you didn’t get fat overnight. Although remember to take into account the weight of your implants when you hop on the scales. You will also most likely experience a mini ‘baby bump’ as the swelling from your breasts will naturally gravitate downwards – giving you a little pot belly. Again, don’t stress, this will go down – it is a good idea to only bring loose, comfortable clothing with you.


9. CC’s look different on different body types

No, you can’t have what she’s having… unless you have exactly the same body type, frame, height – and you look exactly like her before photo! Different CC sizes look different on different body types, so listen to your surgeon when they suggest what is best for you (and not your friend who just had breast augmentation surgery). 250cc can look small on a taller frame, but look gigantic on a woman who is tiny in height and frame.


10. Bruises in weird places and internal stitches that may push to the surface

It is normal to have bruising post op – even in weird places, like your ribs or tummy. It is also normal to have some internation stitches push to the surface in your incision area. This doesn’t happen to everyone, however it is very normal for your body not to dissolve all the dissolvable stitches – and because of this, your body will naturally push them out of your body once the internal incision has healed. They will normally look like little white heads – you can either remove them yourself with small scissors and antiseptic (such as Betadine) or you can visit your GP and they will do it for you.

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