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What you need to know about your surgery recovery – in Thailand & at home.

Your recovery is just as important as your actual surgery. It is vital that you follow your surgeons instructions to give you the best (and fastest) recovery possible. Along with your surgeon’s individual instructions, follow these tips and your surgery outcome should be incredible!


You must quit or refrain from smoking for at least 8 weeks prior and 8 weeks post-surgery. Your surgery will be cancelled by your surgeon if you continue to smoke. If you smoke, you will have much higher risks for serious complications during and after surgery. If you continue to smoke, you will be more likely to:

  • Starve your heart of oxygen
  • Form blood clots in your veins
  • Find it harder to breathe during and after surgery
  • Increase you risk of infection
  • Impair the healing of bones, skin and wounds
  • Change the breakdown of certain drugs in your body


You must refrain from alcohol consumption for 3 weeks prior to surgery and 3 weeks post-surgery. Alcohol in your system prior to surgery can increase the risks of infection and swelling will take longer to subside. After surgery:

  • Drinking alcohol widens your blood vessels, causing your body to swell. Your nose is especially susceptible to alcohol-related swelling following rhinoplasty, so don’t risk your appearance for a cocktail.
  • Alcohol thins the blood and puts you at higher risk for bleeding and extended recovery.
  • It has a great risk of intervening with prescribed medications (especially the pain and antibiotic medications) in ways that can be detrimental and even dangerous to your wellbeing.
  • Alcohol also dries out your skin – this is not good news for any incisions that are healing.


Compression garments are an important part of your post surgery recovery. Your experienced Medi Makeovers consultant will explain which garment is needed for your procedure and these can be purchased directly from your consultant (after your free assessment from your surgeon is completed).

You MUST wear a compression garment post-surgery. Our surgeons advise you wear these garments for a minimum of 3 months post-surgery.

I.E. For breast surgery – our surgeons advise you wear your compression bra a minimum of 3 months post op up to 9 months during the day and 12 months at night – do not go braless during this time. You can change to a strong sports bra or supportive bra after this time but no underwire bras for the first 12 months. For other procedures, please contact your consultant for more information.


You are not able to swim for 4-8 weeks post-surgery – this includes treated swimming pools.

You are not able your stitches wet (in a shower) until either the stitches are removed or your surgeon has said that you are able to.


When you can exercise again depends on your type of surgery, as well as your healing time. You must ask your surgeon during your consultation for your individual assessment of when you will be able to resume exercise. Generally light exercise can begin after 4 weeks (e.g. walking) and harder exercise can resume 6 weeks to 3 months post surgery.


During your recovery in Thailand, it is very important that you rest. Whilst you will be able to do smaller activities – such as light shopping and pampering, stay away from bigger activities such as day trips to outdoor temples that are out of the city (Thailand is a hot country, and if you do fall ill from the heat mixed with your surgery recovery, you will be far away from your hospital).

If at any time during your stay you wish to go back to the hospital, you are more than welcome to do so. It is better to be safe than sorry and have a clear understanding of your post-op instructions from your surgeon.

If you are travelling with a partner not having surgery, make sure they understand that your surgery is the priority on your trip. Don’t let your travel buddy guilt you into an outing when you don’t feel up to it.


To sum it all up – here are some simple DO’s & DON’T’s for your medical trip.



✓ Follow your surgeon’s or dentist’s advice

✓ Take advantage of the care you are receiving whilst in hospital – ask the nurses to help you whenever you feel necessary, even if you think it is only something small

✓ Enjoy daily massages and relaxing treatments available in Thailand

✓ Enjoy shopping at some of the world’s best shopping centres

✓ Wear your compression garments as required

✓ Massage if required and follow your surgeon’s instructions

✓ Enjoy our 5 Star Luxury hotels!

✓ Let your consultant know if you have any questions for your surgeon once you get back – we are always available for you!



X Consume ANY alcohol

X Smoke cigarettes

X Engage in Thailand’s ‘party’ life – you can always come back when you’re fully healed and party it up then!

X Push your body to the limit – short trips are best, though walking for long periods of time in the heat will only prolong your recover, and could potentially damage your body during the initial healing stages


Take the time you have to let your body recover, away from the stresses of daily life.

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